Life filled with Spirit is a rarity…

"Spiritual materialism is rampant & a life filled with spirit is a rarity. I don't care how many crystals you have, how vegan your food is, or whether your Venus is in Jupiter since the last time you blamed your problems on the moon. If the way we carry and express ourselves condemns others while lifting ourselves, then we're as off-target as the people we're condemning. I drink with the thinkers and smoke with the preachers & I've never met a good man that believed he has the answers. Let your personality be your greatest work of art, and let your actions weave a thread of unity. Laugh at the voice(s) in your head, befriend your ego before you listen to that bullshit that tells you to destroy it. That's McDonald's spirituality -- even attempting to get rid of ego means you want to avoid this and move towards that -- creating more of the same inner conflict you're trying to avoid. Inner silence and enviable peace doesn't come from the avoidance of life as it is, It comes from moving as deeply into life as you can. The only way out is in & the only way beyond is through."
Bryan Ellis 💜

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