Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is my favorite time of year!
In my years as an Interior Decorator, I have decorated many houses at Christmas through the years. I love seeing trees decorated with ornaments that have meaning - ornaments given by a great friend or a family member. There is really great joy unpacking your ornaments year after year while the meaning of each ornament floods you with special memories.
It means so much to me personally. My tree is filled with ornaments that were given to me through the years from dear friends and family members and I cherish each and every one. Most of all, memories rush each year when I hold that ornament from someone so dear to me that has transitioned out of this life. Each year I carefully place each ornament to reflect light and I can see it every day and feel each persons presence that gave me an ornament. They glorify my tree and fill my home with a little more love for one month each passing year as my tree is adorned with so much love!

It fills my heart to make beautiful ornaments that give enormous meaning that will be passed down for generations as they keep memories alive year after year!

My original glass ornaments become treasures - a truly meaningful gift - and make lovely decorations tied on a bow of any gift for any occasion - not just at Christmas! 

New Christmas Ornaments are in Production for 2022 and are allready filling the collection!
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