Commission Paintings

~ Art to Heirloom ~

As much as I appreciate any client wanting a commission piece, I simply do not paint commissions. However, if there is something special you are wanting, I will make an appointment to chat about your idea. If I agree to make a creation, I will be most delighted if you choose to give that piece a forever home.

Art should invoke an emotion within you! It should NOT match your house and the décor in a room. Art is completely separate from your draperies, rugs, sofa, and wall color. Art is to be alive invoking its own personality like each person. Art is not created to “fit in” but to stand out making its own statement to the world and striking its own meaning with emotion in each person.

My art is guided by intuition, an altered state of emotion, not a premediated idea. Therefore, I only create what is spiritually driven and not a mental plan. There is no guarantee that your idea will ever come to life!

Please feel free to contact me directly at 501.690.5220 if you would like to schedule a chat regarding a painting! 

Thank you,


Christy Matthews