Christmas is my favorite time of year! In my years as an Interior Decorator, I have decorated many houses at Christmas. I love seeing trees decorated with ornaments that have meaning - that were given to them by a great friend or a family member and it really gives you great joy to unpack your ornaments year after year and think of that person that gave you that beautiful ornament. It means so much to me - my tree is filled with ornaments that were given to me from people that I really love and some are no longer here - so it really makes me happy to unpack them each year and think of those that I love and find that perfect spot for each one on my tree. I get to look at them for a couple of months and be reminded at such a special time of those that I care about and really feel like they are with me as my tree is adorned with lovely ornaments of so much love! 

I wanted to make beautiful ornaments that give enormous meaning that will be passed down for generations as they keep memories alive year after year! My ornaments become treasures - a truly meaningful gift - and lovely decorations tied on a bow of any gift for any occasion - not just at Christmas! 


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